Sunday, May 23, 2010

Father of the Bride Speech

The father of the bride is one of the most important speakers in a wedding program. He is the awaited speaker aside from the bride and the groom because audience usually wait and see the feelings of happiness of the parents whose daughter is going to separate lives in another complicated but challenging world. These are the reasons why he should prepare a nice and meaningful speech. He must be ready to talk in front of the audience without fear, guilt and shame. He must be proud of not only for his daughter who is going to build a new and happy family but also to themselves as parents.

A short script or outline of his speech is a very helpful tool in delivering it attractively and meaningfully to the audience. He must prepare it a day before the program. His speech should not be too long or short yet can touch every hearts that will serve as guide in tackling their own lives. One technique that I can suggest is that , he may find a meaningful quote which is appropriate for the wedding program. He should carefully expound it which relates to their own lives or to the incoming married life of the newly-wed couple. He should not talk long about it. And lastly, he should prepare a meaningful joke that could not be forgotten by the audience.