Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going To the World of Success

God said "Knock and you will be opened, ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you will find." This the promise of God to all His people in this world. And this is my sword in attacking the crisis combat.

Our world nowadays is now in chaos because of the economic crisis experienced by the inhabitants. Many are suffering from hunger. They are starving because of earning low income for their big family. And these are the reasons why kidnapping, carnapping, stealing and even killing other people exist. It is not really easy to live in this world without something to eat on our tables.

However, a peaceful world can be achieved through knowing and digging the treasures in the internet. Internet world is not only for the rich who can afford to buy personal computers or laptops but even the street children or family can reach and collect these treasures. There are vast sites which offers a good income for the registered member. It is like having a business without putting a money as investment. Only our dedication and perseverance to soar in the world of internet marketing is the capital.

I was once a hesitant gold digger in the world of internet marketing because of the kind of work I have. I felt that I have no time to open my personal computer just for browsing and surfing to different websites. I never appreciated Internet Marketing at first, when my sister reminded and pushed me up to join this kind of business to earn additional income for our family.

My mind was enlightened at that time and started to create new websites from the different web hosts. I edited and made a design for my sites and found it very interesting. I never stopped discovering the beauty of Internet Marketing. I met many friends from the different locations in the world. I found my long lost friends through registering and opening different windows of friendship. I really enjoyed doing this activity that even to my busiest day, I can really find time to open all my accounts in the internet just to check and monitor who are my new friends and visitors. My soul is always delighted upon seeing the faces of my new friends and knowing where they come from. And the most exciting experienced I got is by receiving a fantastic message from them. All of them recognized me as their friends too.

There are many advantages of discovering our world of success in the internet. It does not only make us young and happy however, it offers enormous opportunities to earn additional income. The offers are very attractive. That is the reason why I always spend time for this sideline business I have. The happiness I felt upon withdrawing my first month income through Internet Marketing could never be explained. Though, It was not so great at that time but I have proven that money is flowing in the internet as long as you owned a magnetic and strategic website.

I cannot forget our principal in our school when he said to me that, "There are millions, billions or even trillions of fish in the sea, the problem only is on how to get them out". I really thank our principal at that time because of that statement he shared to us has made my mind opened wide. From that time on, I always knock every rooms in the internet, I asked help to God through my silent prayers and seek the fishes of success whom our principal told me. At first, it was really hard to catch those gold fishes but through determination and perseverance, going to the world of success would never be difficult.